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Whitman's Mother Goose

Creating the Whitman's Mother Goose app and inventing a way to enjoy a painting on an iPad was an appealing project. Apple's touch interface provides a very natural and intuitive way of exploring a painting; the hands-on approach is perfect for children of all ages whether 5 or 50 years old! The app enables the viewer to see every detail in great clarity and has proven quite captivating with the addition of music and text. The Whitman's Mother Goose app realizes a unique experience which in no way diminishes the value of the original artwork but even enhances it.


  • ‣ Slide and pinch to explore the painting in HD
  • ‣ Text and narration for every figure featured
  • ‣ Music for most figures
  • ‣ Compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch

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